First Impression of TYPO3

Vibol Yoeung, a student from PNC, was excited when he first got involved with TYPO3. Using Joomla and PHP for years, Vibol had never heard of TYPO3 until the time that Web Essentials, web solution company, conducted a workshop at his school. He was impressed by the advance and friendliness of this CMS. Eager to learn more about TYPO3, Vibol spent more time on researching as well as attending trainings and related discussion. Vibol reported that he was very happy with an opportunity to be on internship program with Web Essentials to gain more skills in TYPO3.

Vibol sees TYPO3 as a powerful CMS since there are many dedicated developers all around the world keep their eyes on development and help fixing bugs or reported issues. Additionally, there are also many useful extensions, which developers can use to build sophisticated websites. He would like to recommend this CMS to Cambodian students due to growing of its popularity and its advantages.



Hi guys, soon i will need staff who is experienced in typo3. It will be full tyme job. The duties are: maintenance of corporate web site and development of intra web site from zero level. If interesting, send me your proposals.

Zuzka Zuzka

Thanks for being on point and on target!

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