TYPO3 Cambodia Website Was Officially Launched

“The event is fantastic. I am really happy and prefer to come every meetings”, said by one of the participants.

It was a nice event with many participants who came from a diverse group of students and TYPO3 user groups. They came for the launching of TYPO3 Cambodia website, in addition to learning, sharing ideas and gaining knowledge.

The event became more special with a speech from a TYPO3 expert, Mr. Fabien Udriot. He delivered a short message stressing over his experiences working with TYPO3 and how happy he is to see that TYPO3 CMS is now used in Cambodia.  In addition, Mr. Keo Visay, our Cambodian TYPO3 certified integrator, shared the history of this website and how he is proud to present this newly published TYPO3 Cambodia website to visitors.  

The TYPO3 Cambodia website has been built in the last few months by a group of TYPO3 users in Cambodia. They volunteered their knowledge and skills which contributed to the creation of this website. This platform connects TYPO3 Cambodia user groups to other TYPO3 user groups around the world. This launch will promote TYPO3 CMS to be widely used in Cambodia. Now, we can share more information, knowledge and questions among the people in this community.

Let's congratulate them on their great achievement!